About Us

- Your project is not finished...until SpartaCraft finishes it! -

Founded in 1967, SpartaCraft is a federally-recognized manufacturing company focused upon the production of high-end custom woodworking products.

Located in Connelly Springs, NC, near Hickory, NC, our 72,000 square foot production and distribution facility focuses on 4 main service businesses:

- The Manufacture of Military and Burial Service Products

- The Design and Manufacturing of Custom Cabinetry and Wall Furniture

- The Finishing of Custom Furniture and Interior and Exterior Doors

- The Design and Manufacture of Retail Displays and Merchandising Samples

As the sole supplier of flag cases to the United States Military, SpartaCraft prides itself on the utilization of American-sourced materials in all aspects of its business and is continually working to support its customers, both current and new, with products and finishes that support evolving trends that drive profitability at the point-of-sale.


- A quick tour of the SpartaCraft manufacturing facility -


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